How to make Wapka Site Work on Opera Mini Browsers Using Cloudflare Dns



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Solution To Wapka
Operamini and Dns Problem JUST ADD YOUR WEBSITE TO

STEP A: Login and go to: http://www.cloudflare.com/a/account/myaccount

STEP B: Enter your website’s name into the
‘mydomain.com’ box and click the button labelled “Add website. “You’re now ready to complete the next three
steps which will ask you to confirm your DNS
records, choose a plan type and change your name servers to point to Cloudflare.

For FAQs or to reach our help desk, please visit
https://support.cloudflare.com/ when u add your site here.. u will get a new
name server something like abc.ns.cloudflare.com or
xyz.ns.cloudflare.com just login your domain provider site and
name server ns1.wapka.mobi TO abc.ns.clouldflare.com ns2.wapka.mobi TO xyz.ns.clouldflare.com NoW DONE and wait 24hr for Approve Choose the Free plan while in the process

Click on Download Image to download Original Format

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